About ashleigh emma

And so the story begins....

I grew up in country NSW on a fruit orchard run by my wonderful family. I was a dancer and performer that felt happiest when I was on stage, in the studio, at drama class or rehearsing with the local theatre company. I also loved to draw, take photographs, write, play music and hang out with my beautiful pets. Although all seemed picture perfect from the outside I discovered, from a young age, that I had my demons. These came in the form of autoimmune conditions, migraines, joint problems, depression and disordered eating. It took a lot of my childhood away and it also left me not able to graduate from high school or continue as a performer. It has been one of my biggest challenges in life but has taught me so much about empathy, mental illness, pain and how to overcome it, appreciating the small things in life and a much deeper understanding of the human spirit. I am forever thankful for this.

I managed to recover enough ( I will be sure to have numerous blog posts about this!) to move to Sydney to start my career as an Event Manager by studying at the beautiful castle on the hill in Manly aka the International College of Management, Sydney. I have been working in this industry ever since and I have been lucky enough to travel all across Australia and New Zealand on all kinds of different jobs and roadshows including working with awesome companies like Google and Spotify. I loved travelling so much that I took a year off to move to Dubai to work as Emirates Cabin Crew to see more of the world. What a crazy and challenging ride that was!

I now currently live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia whilst I slow down, build my own business, have babies and figure out my life. I am still on my own healing journey but I have delved so deep and grown leaps and bounds into loving my body, knowing what works for me and finding freedom from depression and disordered eating - you have the power to do it too! 

I am now a certified Holistic Health Coach and you can still find me styling or managing events, organising someones home (or my own... like every week!), travelling to a beautiful destination or encouraging others to love their bodies and live life with freedom from the diet industry. Oh and you can always find me eating raw chocolate and drinking chai tea... the best of things! 

Thank you for joining me on my journey x



Want to find out more about how I became a health coach? 




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