You Are Enough


Who are you really? If you asked those closest to you to describe you, what would they say?

I feel like so many of us get caught up in our heads that we become blinded from the truth of who we are and life we lead. We get pulled in a thousand and one directions from the media, the education system, social norms, magazines, photoshop, live seminars, podcasts, doctors, clinicians etc etc. We get a little voice from a thousand different  directions that we somehow manage to loose our own. If we would actually believe what our friends and loved ones said about ourselves, I feel like we would paint a very different picture. 

I am guilty of this exact thing. I put so much pressure on myself that every time I do anything, I seem to fall short. This has been happening since I was a child and I feel like to some degree it has caused me to sabotage my own health. I say this because it gives me an excuse to not live up to my potential or face the possibility of failure. That word sends chills to my mind. I never wanted to fail, little own make a single mistake. Here I am though, one hell of a mess with a million 'mistakes'  behind me but it is because of these I am where I am. It is because of these I have a profound understanding of so many different things. That will take me far in life and I am grateful for these lessons. 

However, it comes a time when these lessons need to be closed in the last chapter and we can start writing the next one. What a glorious concept! We should listen to the compliments we receive and EMBRACE them. Live them, believe in them and relish in their abundance. Even the smallest things can make a difference in the lives of those around you so take a deep breath and say out loud 'I AM ENOUGH'. 

Live your life from this space, no other. The world needs more positivity and self acceptance, not more negativity and self hate. 

Let it go, all is well in your world. x