Eco-Friendly Beginner's Tips

So we all know this beautiful planet of ours does not have infinite resources and we are using them all up at a rapid rate right? We live in such a wasteful society and I may not be perfect when it comes to reducing my footprint on this planet but I care deeply about getting better and better each day. Here are some of my beginners tips on how to make some small changes in your habits so as a collective we can start to change the way we think about our actions, the planet and how we want to future to look for our next generation. 



Bring Your Own Shopping Bag!

Come on guys! It's not that hard! It's so great to see some big companies choosing to end the use of free plastic bags that generally only get used for a few minutes and then end up hanging around this planet for far far longer than we do! Get a stash of good quality calico or or other reusable shopping bags and pop some in your car, near your front door and always have one in your bag for those just in case moments. It is such a simple step towards a cleaner future! 

Reduce Single Use Plastic

Produce Bags

To step it up a notch invest in some great produce bags like these Life Basics ones. They are amazing and prevents the use of those crappy plastic bags that you end up using in the fresh produce section! You can also use them at the bulk foods store when getting nuts and seeds etc.


The second item I always love to have in my bag purely because I am obsessed with iced coffee is a reusable straw. Millions of single use plastic straws are used are used and thrown away every single day. I love this one from Ever Eco because it comes with it's own little calico bag so it doesn't get dirty and I can pop it straight back in after I have finished my drink to bring it home for a wash :)

Takeaway Lunchbox

This one I have only recently started to do as I was frustrated at the amount of plastic containers I was collecting from getting takeaway (pregnancy really threw me off my home cooking game!). So now I always have a reusable container like this Eco Meal one in my bag for when I buy something out or if I want to bring leftovers home. It's been a real lifesaver and really makes you aware of how much waste you can use when you simply have a nice day out!

Reusable Cutlery

I bring a little set of cutlery with me everywhere and sometimes I get very interested looks but it's a real life saver! Who needs to use that plastic junk when you have a sweet little pop up set!

Bring a Reusable Coffee Cup

Next easy step is to bring your own coffee cup to your favourite cafe so you don't waste one of their single use ones. It is estimated that 2.7 MILLION coffee cups are disposed of each day! Thats appalling especially as there are so many beautiful ones on the market these days. My favourite is Pottery For The Planet or Keep Cup

Switch to Natural Skincare Products

There are so many chemicals being washed down into our drains and even worse, absorbed into our own bodies! Make the switch to natural skin care so your body and the planet can benefit from it. I love Sukin Skin Care (you can also buy it from Chemist Warehouse), Andalou Naturals , Black Chicken for deodorant and pure coconut oil for general all over use. 

Eat More Wholefoods 

You don't have to go completely plant based tomorrow but increasing the amount of fresh local produce in your diet is one of the biggest ways you can reduce your negative footprint on this planet. By doing this you not only will physically feel better but you will reduce the amount of transport emissions and packaging that your food uses. You don't need all the fancy imported organic superfoods in your diet everyday because these really do still come at a cost to the planet. Eating what is seasonal in your area will benefit you and your local community in so many ways! Eat local, eat more plants, eat fresh, eat waste free. 

I hope these few tips might inspire you! It can take a little to get used to, like any other habit you try to change, but it is so worth it not just for the planet but for the future generations that we are leaving it to. It's up to us to make a difference and every little effort counts.