Be Present in Your Life


This may not be your "dream" life right now but this life is yours. 
No longer do you need to compare your life to others and be left feeling lost. 
To look at someone else's success or achievements and find yourself in sadness or envy is a waste of your time and energy. It does not benefit you or your life. 
Others may have something you desire and you should find inspiration and excitement for it whilst also sending them love and joy that they have currently got it!
Because at the end of the day someone else might be looking at your life and feeling the same. 
They may want a loving partner and soul mate but that person has not entered their life yet. 
They may want the best of friends who they can always turn to but yet they find themselves quite alone and isolated. 
They may want to eat healthier or love their bodies more but something keeps stopping them. 
They may want to move, travel, change their location but life does not yet allow them. 
They may want to conceive a child but it's not coming easy to them. 
Look at your life and see all the joy and beauty in it no matter how big or small. 
Life will fly by and you will regret if you are not there for any of it. 
I have already spent so much of my life absent minded even though I was surrounded by amazing sights, sounds, smells or company. 
I no longer want my life to move forward without me in it. 
It's time to appreciate all that I have right in THIS moment. I know I can manifest and achieve everything my heart desires but it takes time. That in-between is where life happens, where life is created, where life is lived. 
Success in career, money, travel or material possessions is wonderful and something I do aspire to...
But at the end of my life I imagine family, friends, laughter, feeling good in my body and mind, the smell of fresh air in winter, sand beneath my toes, a warm hug or a delicious iced coffee is what will bring happiness through my veins. These things are what will be felt in my soul so here, right now, I must take the time to feel them. 

"Some of my friends are very poor. All they have is money."  
- Paul Coelho

Image Credit by the wonderful Chloe Horder Digital Media Production