Pregnancy Update


As I am preparing for one on the biggest shifts in my life I thought I would update you all on the last 32 weeks of my life! Yes, I have been terrible at working on my blog baby but I do have high hopes for the future and I am totally going to make it happen! I will keep this relatively brief and hopefully do some more in-depth posts as I go :)


Let's go way back to the beginning of this little bub last November... well not all the details obviously (lol) but discovering we were pregnant was quite a shock but we knew it was a possibility. We were one of the very lucky ones who fell pregnant easily and without much thought so I am very thankful for that even though it came at a bit of a tricky time! We had already planned our wedding and sent out the invites just a week or so before we got this happy news which kind of threw a spanner in the works! Life does like to give us challenges though so we kind of just embraced it and moved forward.


My first trimester was pretty breezy minus some nausea and extreme food aversions which really tested my capacity to trust myself, my cravings and focus on keeping calm. Coming from a nutrition background I always thought I would eat SO clean and healthy during pregnancy but the reality of this is just not possible for most women and we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves. I had been taking prenatal supplements (use code HFK351 for a discount!) for a few months prior to conception and was in a really good state of physical and mental health beforehand which I think helped immensely so even if you aren't planning on getting pregnant immediately it's worth prioritising your health now! So on days, or weeks, where all I could eat were potatoes and tomato sauce I was able to make peace with it. I craved a lot of fresh fruit and lime water which was great but I definitely enjoyed the odd deep fried delight and you may have even spotted me at subway one time... yeah it was pretty crazy....


By the second trimester our wedding plans were ramping up so I honestly didn't have too many pregnancy woes due to distraction I guess and also feeling pretty great. I was getting more tired and couldn't go on my epic 3 hour walking adventures but I was still doing pretty well! I continued to stay as active as possible even if that was just a half hour walk around the block and I was relieved to be able to eat normally again with lots of salads, juices, porridge and real food! I think my baby might come out part chocolate due to the amount of raw chocolate and healthy choice frappes I was eating! That was my main craving and I thoroughly enjoyed it #noregrets. Now it wasn't all sunshine and daisies (think gas, bloating, light headedness, constipation and all those delights) but I hear all the horror stories of other women suffering during pregnancy and I was so darn grateful to have the experience I did!


At the end of the second trimester I started to struggle a lot more with complete lack of energy and severe brain fog. I wasn't aware you could feel so full of baby that you can hardly eat (which I had never experienced before because I was ALWAYS eating pre-pregnancy) and with my tiredness on top of that I was finding I just couldn't muster up the energy to cook so I would end up just eating fruit for dinner or forget to eat for ages throughout the day. This was a steep learning curve as after 2 or 3 weeks I was pretty broken. I obviously wasn't getting enough and everything was going straight to the baby and then it was discovered I had extremely low iron, b12 and haemoglobin so I had to up my game and get on top of it. I had to really consciously have small meals ready to go all day and my partner become the chef of the household which was incredibly helpful! I switched my pregnancy supplement to a higher power one (practitioner only), I changed iron supplements and doubled the dose, got a b12 spray to take 2 or 3 times a day and started to eat meat almost everyday. The last one was a really hard shift as I am usually drawn mainly to a plant based way of eating but I really respect my body and want to listen to its cues and I needed to increase my iron in order to be healthy for me and baby. I did a lot of work last year on releasing all diet mentalities and orthorexia and I am SO glad I did it before pregnancy otherwise I imagine my stress and anxiety levels would be peaking right now. As you can imagine, I also had to heavily reduce my activity during the day and there were some days I would just laze around the house and my biggest challenge was accepting that this was ok!


Which kind of brings me to now, 32 weeks pregnant! It's been a wild journey as so much has happened on top of the pregnancy and so much is continuing to happen around me. I think 2019 will be the year of being settled and having a more consistent routine in my life but for now we just need to breathe and enjoy the ride! This time last year I was in Italy contemplating my existence, my relationship, my career and the core of who I am. Now here I am deeply in love, married to my best friend, pregnant with a little boy, free from body hate and food obsession and feeling like a completely new human. What an intense and beautiful year!