33 Weeks Pregnant + Healthy Tips!


I am nearing week 33 of my pregnancy and it has been pretty smooth sailing! I haven't suffered from much morning sickness, no stretch marks, swelling, aches, acne, haemorrhoids or any other lovely little symptoms that can pop up during pregnancy. Good luck? Perhaps! But here are some of the things I have prioritised during my pregnancy that may have helped :)

Drink LOTS of water! I have always been a heavy drinker when it comes to water and I definitely increased it even more during pregnancy. This can really help prevent stretch marks, headaches, and swelling. Get in the habit of always having a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Get a really good pregnancy supplement and start taking it a few months prior to conception. Visit a Naturopath or Nutritionist to help with which one is right for you as chemist ones aren't always very good. I found that early in the pregnancy when you just feel like shit or no food group sounds appetising, just trying to keep my supplements down made me feel better.

DO NOT listen to everyones advice. Block it out and trust yourself. If had taken everyones piece of advice on board I would be a mess - eat this, don't eat that, do this, but don't do that, read this, watch that, you aren't doing this yet? Have you thought about this? GAHHHHHHH!!! I made a conscious effort to not go on any forums as I feel like they can be pretty overwhelming. Research just a few good books that resonate with you and go to some classes with an open mind. There are a million different ways to parent that work for different people so really listen to your gut and know that no-one is a perfect person or a perfect parent! We are all just doing our best.

Eat well, don't stress and you don't need to eat for two. Coming from a background of nutrition I had always thought I would eat perfectly "clean" during pregnancy but after doing a lot of anti-diet work pre-pregnancy I came into this with a very different approach, thankfully! Pregnancy nutrition guidelines all differ a little across the world and all the mothers before us just ate what they had available although their food was perhaps a lot more natural than what is available now! My diet has been lot's of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, protein (beans, eggs, some dairy, organic meats), starchy carbs (GF pasta, bread and rice) and my daily dark/raw chocolate fix. There are also days where I have enjoyed an amazing croissant, a sneaky churros, burgers, fries and all kinds of soul foods but they just haven't made up the majority of my diet and I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed them! Absolutely no guilt! It's so refreshing to have food freedom. Things I have actively avoided are soft cheese, runny eggs, deli meats, high mercury fish like swordfish, raw fish, leftover meats (unless heated up really well), alcohol, soda (haven't had it for years anyway!) and  I don't have a lot of processed sugar in my diet anyway (I am a fruit bat though). I also cut out coffee early on in my pregnancy just because I know I am pretty sensitive to it so replaced it with delicious chai or decaf - you can have a cup (up to 200mg coffee) a day though and it's fine! When it comes to "eating for two" that really isn't true. You don't need to increase your food in the first trimester and the second trimester just eat little more like an extra snack and then in the third trimester eat 2 extra snacks :) Everyone will have their own opinions with food but just be responsible and try to at least have some fresh fruit and veg everyday! Stressing over what you eat is going to cause you a lot more problems than having a tasty pastry every now and then.

Pamper yourself! I understand this can be difficult if you already have other children or if money is tight but you won't get this time back so invest in YOU and get a massage, go and sit quietly at a cafe for ages with a delicious tea, go window shopping, sit by the ocean or in the park and just breathe. All is well in your world.

Listen to beautiful music, informative podcasts or nothing at all! Find some peace and quiet even if it's just for 10 minutes so you can go inwards. That is my kind of meditation. I am not one to sit down with my candles and activated crystals for an hour a day and that's ok! Just take a little time out each day to clear your head.

De-clutter your life before you start nesting. I strongly believe a cluttered environment breeds a cluttered mind! Create a list and slowly plug your way through it over a few weeks so then when you start to bring is all the amazingly beautiful baby things it can feel so fresh and clean! If you are a new mum, like me, life is about to be turned upside down so starting off with a fresh slate is ideal!

Invest in a few really good pregnancy clothes! Your whole body is rapidly changing and when you feel comfortable and lovely on the outside, for me anyway, it makes me feel extra lovely on the inside. The only specific maternity wear I bought were some jeans, tights and breastfeeding crops. Everything else were just really beautiful floaty dresses and tops or warm cardigans and slouchy pants. I will do a pregnancy style post soon!

Move your body each day. There are days I don't leave the house and lay down for the majority of the day (working on increasing my iron, b12 and haemoglobin!) so I am by no means saying go sweat it out each day but just move a little. On my bad days I spend 15-30 minutes stretching out my body even whilst I watch TV. Your body will thank you for it. On my semi-good days I spend 15 minutes doing some lunges and light weights at home and on my good days I make sure to get out for a lovely stroll with our dog. Just get some energy moving through your body and it will not only help your mind but will help with keeping fit and mobile to help with birth and a quicker post part recovery.

Lastly, LOVE YOUR MAGICAL BODY! My gosh your body is freaking incredible... you are actually growing a real human in your belly. That shit is cray. Things are going to shift and change and get bigger or wigglier and that is ok because you are not your body, you are your soul, your mind and your passions. Your body is simply a vessel not just to bring you through all the joys of your life but to carry this little human into the world too. Respect yourself and know that society has built up the most ridiculous and harmful ideas of feminine "beauty" that are in place just to distract you from living your life and loving yourself enough to not give an F#%k about diets or ways to change your body that just make other people big bucks. Diets don't work. They aren't even designed to so just live your life and love your body. You are perfect exactly as you are. xxx