It's a BOY!


Oh what a magical day!!! I managed to squeeze my baby shower in the day before our wedding as it meant a lot of people were already in the same place so I could enjoy all the love and it just blew me away. My sister and bridesmaid did a lot of the work by creating games, setting up the day, getting the cute balloons pumped up and making it lots of fun! My mum and my aunties worked hard to get all the snacks and drinks ready and I just loved every minute of it. My sisters boyfriend was the photographer for the day so it was a full family affair! 

Food: Finger Sandwiches, Raw Orange Bliss Balls, Fruit Salad, Chocolate

Drinks: Tamburlaine Organic Champagne and Remedy Raspberry Kombucha

Styling: Ashleigh Emma 

Balloons: From Spotlight 

onfetti: Little Confetti Co

I received so many beautiful baby gifts for this little boy and we had an absolute BLAST with the gender reveal confetti! Highly recommend!

Thank you to everyone who made it to the day and filled my heart with love. This little guy is one lucky baby xx