What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Need some inspiration for what to pack in your hospital bag? Here is my checklist that has been fully revised post birth! 

For Mum (me!)

·      Comfortable clothes – stretchy pants, t-shirt, loose dress, cosy jumper, big underwear

·      Slippers, warm scarf and socks

·      Fluffy towel (cos hospital towels are terrible... get a dark coloured one though!)

·      Toiletries – tooth brush, tooth paste, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner, body wash

·      Nice skincare products and coconut oil (makes you feel a little prettier after the chaos) 

·      Hair ties and brush

·      2 packs of maternity pads  (Cottons maternity pads were by far the most superior and comfortable! Stock up!)

·      Breast pads and nursing bra

·      Reusable water bottle (big one... labor is thirsty work)

·      Hospital notes + wallet etc


For Baby

·      2 long sleeve onesies (he is a winter baby)

·      Beanie and socks

·      Newborn cloth nappies x 2 (if using)

·      8-10 newborn disposable nappies

·      2 muslin cloths

·      Baby blanket

·      Car seat


For Dad/Partner

·      Change of clothes including swimwear (for water birth scenario)

·      Toiletries

·      Tech stuff – headphones, chargers for phones etc


For The Space

·      Fairy lights and spare batteries

·      Speaker for music + charger

·      Fluffy rug/blanket or favourite pillow case etc if you want a homey vibe!

·      Oil diffuser and oil



·      Loving Earth luvjus (aka healthy raw chocolate)

·      Fresh fruit (bananas, watermelon, berries, apples)

·      Homemade dried fruit and nut mix or protein bars

·      Pre-chopped limes for water (my favourite) 

·      Sandwich/wraps for Chris


My current hospital bag waiting for the big day!!! 

My current hospital bag waiting for the big day!!!