How to Style Your Bump

Discovering you are pregnant brings on a whirlwind of emotions and it really is such a magic time of your life, but it does come with it's challenges. The obvious ones are the sickness, discomfort, the complete change in your life, career, relationships and the whole package but one thing I hadn't really prepared for was my change in wardrobe! I strongly believe that when you feel beautiful, elegant and well dressed it genuinely lifts yours spirits and you can kind of fake it till you make it aka if you feel like crap, a nice dress never goes astray! 


Now I am usually a high waisted skirt girl but I have also had a deep love affair with floaty dresses and loose tops so it wasn't particularly hard to use some of my old wardrobe for this new luscious body, however, there were essentials I learnt along the way that might help you! Here are my pregnancy essentials with links and suggestions to help you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

My Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

I focused on buying a few neutral pieces that were comfortable and stretchy so they could grow with me and also be dressed up by a nice scarf or jacket. These were my essentials that I invested in early on (or I already had on hand) and I wore constantly plus they can be worn post baby:

This was pretty much my entire wardrobe! I had some old comfortable long sleeve tops that I loved to wear over tights matched with a cardigan and scarf or my slouchy pants I would wear around the house paired with a big tee and knit. It's all about comfort and feeling supported in your new body. The maternity crops definitely helped along with the high waisted tights but I also don't have a massive chest so ladies with a bigger bust might have to invest in some more supportive tops. Also don't go crazy on items you won't wear post birth! I really tired to have the longevity of my wardrobe in mind when purchased pregnant specific items - a lot of women say they wear their jeans afterwards anyway and the crops will be incredibly helpful throughout breastfeeding. Do what feels right for you! Hopefully this gave you some inspiration though! Happy shopping! x