August Home Styling Inspiration

I am going to start doing a little monthly blog about what is currently inspiring me when it comes to home interiors so here is the first one! 

The theme of this month? INDOOR PLANTS! 

I am seriously obsessed and have been collecting gorgeous images like all of these off pinterest. You can find my dream home account here if you need some inspiration too! The problem is that we intend to move interstate in a November so collecting a whole bunch of plants is a bit of a ridiculous idea but when we get to our new home it's going to be a jungle... I might have to be a ninja and only bring one in a week so Chris doesn't get mad at me but then all of a sudden BAM! The house will be full of beautiful plants #housegoals. 

Now the next question is which plant will suit my home? I love checking out A Pair and a Spare's website because she has SO much awesome information on DIY and that includes plants! Check out this article to help you make a decision because I will definitely be using it when the time comes. The infographic has been taken from her amazing article :) (P.S. I totally need to teach myself how to make pretty graphics like this!!!) 


So who else is with me on the indoor jungle love?! Let's hope that in a few months time I can show you through my amazing collection wherever it is we end up moving to! 



All image credits go to their original owners - pinterest just sometimes makes it hard to find that person!